Frequently Asked Questions

1 Do you provide any free sample offer?
A Yes, depending on business product required & quantity, we provide sample/first for very low cost / free.

2 Can you provide the references of your previous customer or clients?
A We can provide our client references if you would like to know us more. You can talk to them about their experience with us.

3 What are the modes of payment you accept and what are your payment terms?
A We accept payment by Cheque, DD, Deposits, Direct bank transfer, Wire transfer; And Credit cards etc whichever is convenient to you. Payment terms are flexible.

4 Where do your customers based?
A We have majority of clients from India , and few of them from other countries.

5 Why should I buy the product from u?
A We supply at lowest price with best quality

6 Can we get the oem products from your company ?
A Yes we supply oem products to all our customers.

7 You supply only branded or only your brand?
A We supply branded , oem and also our brand

8 Can we get the product customized and purchase on our brand?
A Yes we supply customized product and can do it on your brand.

9 What is the warranty for the products which you will supply?
A We provide 1 yr for oem ,3 yrs for our brand and 5 yrs for branded.

10 If we are interested for distribution can we have an option?
A Yes depending on the quantity you can purchase & your previous history we can make you as our distributor.

11 Can we have a long term relation and purchase all the products from you ith same response?
A We Supply only to the genuine buyers who are capable of purchasing for long time.

12 How can we trust that your company is genuine and make the payments in advance?
A You can please clarify online or visit our corporate office or ask our previous clients.

13 You manufacture or supply , import or export?
A We manufacture and import to supply and distribute.

14 How many of the staff work in your office & how would be the response?
A We have many employees for each department to satisfy the customers in all means.

15 Can we only get the products imported or we can buy them on spot?
A Yes we do hold stocks of few products and also we import the products.

16 Do you have your own service centre for your brand?
A Yes we have our own service centers in India.

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